Revival Technologies | Boardroom Solutions
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Boardroom Solutions

Projector Presentation

When it comes to business presentations, video projectors give you the biggest images for your audience. Make an impact on your audience by delivering your powerpoint and excel docs on a 150 inch screen.

Presentation Screens

These are our top selling Interactive Whiteboards, Smartboards and LED / LCD screens. These screens make it easy to interact with your computer and create a room for the presentation to the audience, especially when a number of participants are involved.

Cable Management

Our suite of smart integrated yet highly adaptable meeting room solutions keeps wires and cabling organised, contained and out of sight while also giving presenters and attendees better access to the critical power, communication and A/V services they need to be their most productive.

Wireless Presenters

A confident presentation is a powerful presentation. Revival Technologies offers full line of wireless presentation remotes and red and green laser pointers that build confidence by giving the presenter intuitive controls and thoughtful features that let you spend more time focused on what truly matters (your audience)